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Pitlochry Highland Games is a non-profit-distributing organisation, constituted as a Scottish Guarantee Company, with the following objects:

  1. to promote the cultural history of Scotland by staging, managing and promoting a traditional Highland Games and by fostering an interest locally in being involved therein for the benefit and well-being of the inhabitants of Perthshire and visitors thereto.
  2. to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Perthshire, without distinction of gender, sexuality, political, religious or other opinions, by providing facilities, or assisting in the provision of facilities, in the interests of social welfare for recreation and other leisure-time occupation so that their conditions of life may be improved.
Company Number

Registered as a Scottish Charity under Scottish Charity Number SC041070

Registered Office
J. & H. Mitchell W.S., 51 Atholl Road, Pitlochry PH16 5BU


  • Charles Butter - Chairman
  • Paul Keith - Vice-Chairman
  • Lyle Crawford - Treasurer
  • June Templeman - Administrator

        Mike Dickinson    Ian Graham      Lisa Leck,    Jennifer Mackintosh   

        Mandy MacKintosh        Xander McDade         Raymond McIntosh     J

        Jonathan Mckenna    Ross McNaughton      Douglas Oliver    John Robertson     

        Ian Rodney      Jean Swanston,       Alison Woodrow     Mike Winton.

    Company Secretaries
J & H. Mitchell W.S. 

Pitlochry Highland Games Secretary: June Templeman | Tel:+44 (0)1796 473488 | Email: secretary@pitlochryhighlandgames.co.uk | Privacy Policy

Registered as a Scottish Charity under Scottish Charity Number SC041070

Thanks to Bill Robertson and Colin Liddell for the photographs.