Piping Events


(Under Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Rules) Commencing 1.00 pm prompt

Supported by The Rotary Club of Pitlochry and The Vale of Atholl Pipers Association, and the Wilson Family, Pitlochry

  1st prize 2st prize 3st prize
Grade One Shield + £500 £350 £300
Grade Two Trophy + £400 £300 £250
Grade Three Trophy + £300 £250 £200
Grade Four Trophy + £300 £250 £200
Novice/Juvenile Trophy + £300 £250 £200
Drumming Prize Trophy + £110

Drum Majors' Demonstration at approximately 4.45pm

Drum Major Quaich awarded to the best Drum Major

The Massed Bands will parade around the Arena at approx. 5.00 pm


Edradour Caledonia Pipe Band Parade

Commencing at 11:45am.

Marching and Smartness of Turn-Out Competition

1st Prize  
2nd Prize 
3rd Prize  

Bands to play from the Railway Station and march down Atholl Road to the railway bridge at Ferry Road. Bands judged on Marching and Smartness of Turnout.


Num. Event Eligable
30 March, Strathspey & Reel Juniors 14 years and under (Open)   £20  £15  £12  £10  £8  £5                                        
31 March, Strathspey & Reel Juniors 15 to 17 years (Open)            £20  £15  £12  £10  £8  £5
32 Best Player of Marches (Confined to players born or               £20  £15  £12  £10  £8  £5
33 Best Player of Strathspeys & Reels resident in Perthshire)                        £20  £15  £12  £10  £8  £5
34 March, Strathspey and Reel (Open) (Over 18 years)                      £50  £40  £35  £30  £25  £20
35 Jigs (Open) (Over 18 Years)                      £50  £40  £35  £30  £25  £20
36 Best Player of 6/8 Marches (Over 18 years)                                  £60  £50  £45  £40  £30  £25  

Piping championship of Perthshire decided on aggregate of events 32 & 33.

Edradour Trophy
for the Best Junior Piper in Event 30.
Athol Highlander Cup
for the Best Junior Piper in Event 31.
Major Butter Cup
sponsored by Pitlochry Estates for the Winner of the Championship of Perthshire Solo Piping — Events 32 and 33.
Blair Athol Distillery Piping Quaich
for the winner of the Overall Piping - Events 34 and 35.
Perthshire Junior Piping League
Covering 14 games throughout Highland Perhshire during the year, culmunating in Pitlochry. Prizes kindly dnoated by Crieff Highland Gathering Trust.
Sandy Spence Memorial Trophy
for the Best Player of 6/8 Marches in Event 36.

Best overall piper receives an Edradour Presentation Pack.

The Great Highland Bagpipe

The Bagpipe is synonymous with Scotland, and we are proud today to carry on the traditional piping competitions that are part of our heritage.It is thought the earliest piping competitions took place between pipers of friendly clans. Other clan members held the Clan Chief's piper in high esteem. Indeed the piper often actually received an annual fee.

Piping was banned after the battle of Culloden. However, the tradition was kept alive by the tunes being sung and new tunes being recorded by what was known as mouth music. It is ironic that we owe the resurgence of Bagpipe music today to the British army, who use the uplifting music to encourage men into battle. Pipers have been the recipients of the Victoria Cross for gallantry.

You will notice, unlike other musicians, that no piper either solo or bandsman plays from music. This is the culmination of many hours of practice to commit every note, every embellishment of every tune, to memory. The other major difference between the piper and other woodwind or brass musician is that he cannot use his tongue to play double or triple notes.Because the air directly to the chanter comes from the bag, and not the piper's mouth, he cannot influence it by using his tongue. This means all the double and triple notes need to be made by the piper's fingers alone. This requirement make the bagpipe very difficult to master. It has been said, it is one of the most difficult instruments to learn to play.

Today, you will enjoy the finest examples of piping competition from both Solo Players and Pipe Bands alike, and at the end of the games you will witness one of the most memorable and emotional sites, when all the bands form up and play as one in a Massed Band Parade around the arena - make sure you have your camera ready.


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