Past Results & Ground Records

Past Results

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Ground Records

Event Name Record (imperial) Record (metric) Year
16lb Stone  Brian Oldfield, USA 59ft 1in 18.01m  1973
22lb Stone Brian Oldfield, USA 50ft 2ins 15.29m 1973
16lb Hammer Bruce Aitken 153ft 1in 46.67m 1997
22lb Hammer Stephen King 125ft 6ins 38.25m 1998
56lb Weight Lukasz Wenta 15ft 11ins 4.85m 2018
28lb Weight Francis Brebner  92ft 2ins 28.08m 1997
1600m Scratch John McFadean 4 min 19.57 sec - 1996
Triple Jump Alan Hamilton 49ft 4ins 15.04m 2013
Long Jump (equal) David Watson 22ft 9½ins 6.95m 2012
Long Jump (equal) Alan Hamilton 22ft 9½ins 6.95m 2016
High Jump Mark Parham 6ft 4ins 1.94m 1989
28lb Weight - World Record for under 20 Murdo Masterton 75ft 1ins 22.86m 2018
Event Name Record (imperial) Record (metric) Year
16lb Stone Lorne Colthart 54ft 3ins 16.54m 2014
16lb Hammer Lorne Colthart 139ft 11ins 4.65m 2014
28lb Weight Lorne Colthart 80ft 9ins 24.61m 2014
Junior - under 15
Event Name Record (imperial) Record (metric) Year
Shot Putt Alistair Ross 32ft 2ins 9.8m 2011
22lb Stone Kris Sturrock 64ft 7ins 19.69m 2011
16lb Hammer Kris Sturrock 82ft 4ins 25.10m 2011
Junior - under 16
Event Name Record (imperial) Record (metric) Year
Long Jump Andrew Hunter 18ft 10ins 5.74m 2013
Triple Jump Ben Coates 37ft 8ins 11.48m 2013
High Jump David Wilson 5ft 3ins 1.60m 2014
Junior - under 17
Event Name Record (imperial) Record (metric) Year
Shot Putt David Colthart Jnr. 51ft 3ins 15.62m 2010
14lb Weight David Colthart Jnr. 107ft 4ins 32.72m 2010
12lb Hammer Murdo Masterson 132ft 7ins 40.41m 2015
7lb Hammer David Colthart Jnr. 154ft 1ins 46.96m 2010


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